About Us

Who Are We?

We are a group of friends that have not only a long-time experience in the world of finance but also a great love for it. Our Different types of experiences have given us the opportunity to share our world in a way that can help teach a new generation about the vast, interesting and exiting cryptocurrency and blockchain, and help the experts, that are already with us, as up-to-date on the current event as we want to be.

Why Are We Here?

The cryptocurrency and blockchain market is already a large industry and it is still growing. FAST. We make it a simple place to get around in and turn it in to a place for everyone!

We want to offer the cryptocurrency community, whether you are already an expert a complete

newcomer, a world of useful content that can not only educate you about crypto and blockchain but will then keep you up to date with current news, analysis, updates, changes, and anything else that could be popular, relevant and interesting.

This site is constantly updated with fresh content and built specifically so that anyone can come,

understand, follow and stay up-to-date with anything cryptocurrency.


Our goal is to keep our content as useful, authentic and close to real time as we can get. We would like to keep posting current and up-to-date content that is interesting and useful as often as possible.

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